Real Estate and Real Estate Financing

Whether you are selling, purchasing, or financing either commercial or residential property, you need the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable attorney. Baker, Lehsko, Saline & Drapeau has experienced attorneys who can provide assistance in the preparation and negotiation of loan documents for real estate transactions, the review of commercial leases, the review of co-operative and condominium offerings, and obtaining clear title to property among a myriad of other real estate matters.

Real estate financing can be a complex matter whether it’s traditional single-lender mortgage loans, syndicated mortgage loans, commercial mortgage backed securities, bond financing, conduit financing, or mezzanine loans. Baker, Leshko, Saline & Drapeau, LLP has attorneys with the expertise to understand both the borrower’s need to maintain operational flexibility and the lender’s need to protect their collateral.

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